3 Main Factors that determine the YouTube Earnings Potential

YouTube is undoubtedly the number one video streaming website all around the world. In the era of the digital world, people spend more time to watch YouTube video on their mobile phones rather than watching a TV show. YouTube partner’s program urges the people to broadcast yourself and earn money online. There are millions of YouTube channels with hundreds to millions of subscribers out there. However, Most of the people buy YouTube subscribers, views, likes and comments but there are some factors that affect YouTube earning potential. Here, we will discuss 3 main factors that determine its earning potential.

Cost per Mille vs Cost per Click: Cost per Mille is also known as CPM while Cost per Click is known as CPC. These acronyms are very important and used in YouTube advertising. The literal meaning of CPM is 1000 that refers to the cost per 1K impressions. In simple words, impressions mean YouTube views. So the CPM is the rate of an advertising video with 1000 views or more than 30 seconds long video. On the other hand, CPC is known as cost per click which is the old-fashioned way of charging for advertising.

Estimated Earnings Per 1k video Views: The other factor that involves in the YouTube earning potential is the estimated earnings per 1k views on the video. User can get the idea of what will be the estimated earning for hundreds or thousands of views. But it is not the actual earning, it can vary due to some factors such as how much your channel is popular and how much Google receives from advertisers. Moreover, it also depends on your country, language, and events like Easter & Christmas when video ads rates are high.

Estimated Earnings per Subscriber: Having a number of YouTube subscribers also play an important role to earn money from social media giant, YouTube. However, YouTube didn’t disclose its secret of advertising income but everyone knows that 45% of the advertising revenue of YouTube goes to Google. It means a YouTube creator receives only a 55% share. For instance, if you upload a new video, people watch your video and an advertiser pay $6.70 CPM, then you will $3.68 per 1k video views. But once people recognize your channel then you can get more subscribers. But getting a number of subscribers is not easy. Your video should be worth watching and engaging to increase more channel subscribers. Buying YouTube Subscribers is a great way to get more subscribers in no time. It is said that only 10% of subscribers are likely to view your video that means if you have only 1k subscribers then only 100 subscribers will be interested in view your new upload. Although, with buying YouTube subscriber, thousands of subscribers will look at your new vide in short order. Moreover, YouTube gives a higher CPM rate for ads for those channels which have more subscriber base.

The Future Of Facebook Is Messaging, Says Mark Zuckerberg

The famous announcement by Mark Zuckerberg:

According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, messaging is the new future of Facebook. He recently declared that the company has an aim to come up with a social networking platform as well as privacy-focused messaging so that people can interact securely and more privately. This new announcement implies that the messaging has taken the center stage here. This importantly doubles down other latest declarations of Facebook. This giant social network called Facebook is looking to assimilate WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This is another step where messaging becomes the core of Facebook’s future. Below is a rapid analysis of what Mark Zuckerberg declared, and why the main emphasis is on the messaging part.


The new future of Facebook is Messaging:

Mark Zuckerberg enlightens, “private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication.” Thus, messaging that is one-to-one becomes a priority. Messenger is liked by the people. They prefer messaging apps more than the public posts. Messaging is what people are jumping onto each day. Compared to the other options of communication, private messaging is more intimate. It permits one-on-one conversation, and a personalized communication trend. And, when it comes to being more private, fears are also alleviated which has been a challenge for the Facebook. Thus, the Facebook app will move towards encryption-protected and more private messaging options which the people will go for. The leadership of Facebook is undoubtedly preferring better experience of messaging which the marketers can follow.

Great benefit to the businesses of all kinds:

There was a news back in January about how Facebook’s soon going to integrate the three most common and used messaging apps into a one communication platform. This integration will be a boon for all the brands and businesses since they will be able to reach out to their clients and customers through a single chat service. Means, you no longer will have the need to create your presence on all the social platforms and maintain them, through a single platform your message will be conveyed to the whole audience.

The Future Of Facebook Is Messaging, Says Mark Zuckerberg


Transition in the social networking experience:

Thus, this declaration of Mark Zuckerberg serves as a great hint for what the social networking will look like in the coming days. This official news has made everyone excited particularly the business owners. Our lives have become all about switching from one application to another. So, this news will make our lives much easier once it becomes a reality. People will no longer have to switch between different messaging apps to contact each other privately. Rather, with one platform they will be able to communicate in a more private and secure manner. This is actually what people want too. They are expecting something really good and beneficial that could give them a whole new experience of messaging and communicating. People are looking forward to change their lives with this new transition in the social network.

Author Bio

Kayne Jerry is one of the social media journalist at Tweetnfollow. He is part of the team since 2 years and has published multiple articles related to news about social media. He gets excited whenever he sees multiple businesses are growing on social media. His experience include working with multiple teams for social media marketing. You are welcome to comment and share your views regarding his article about Facebook on https://dambots.com/

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Can your Pizza delivery business sprout through Instagram?

This is the era of social media, from socializing to earnings from blogs and online businesses, it caters to all. However, when we talk about Instagram, it is more of a social platform which allows it’s users to post visual content such as images and videos, thus Instagram is considered to be more of a place of glamour, enticing and capturing followers with visual content. Although it does support online businesses the concept of a food business on Instagram may seem somewhat odd.

Pizza delivery business

You may not feel secure to set up an online food business on Instagram but if you already have a business, such as that of a Pizza place, making a page on Instagram for it will surely help you get the fame.

buy real active instagram followers

Pizza delivery is a kind of business that requires more of a one-to-one personal contact rather than through a social media application. If you plan on taking orders online, you may as well prefer having an online website or an application that directs you through the Food ordering processes including the deals and discounts. One the order has been placed followed by a confirmation call, the meal after being cooked, it is delivered by your trustee rider service.

What you can do

A Pizza business completely based off of Instagram might be too much of a risk for your business, considering the amount of investment a pizza house requires. However, what you can do is make an active Instagram page of your Pizza place. This will definitely help in increasing potential customers. The best ways to do this are enlisted below:

  • Content: Your page needs to cover up all aspects of the questions that abrupt in a client’s mind when they first click on your profile. What is this place? What is their menu? Price ranges? Locations? Reviews? How to place an order? Create an effective bio with a link to your online ordering service and contact, make your account public and the pictures of your unique pizza place including the food in the most eye-catching ‘Instagram worthy’ style.
  • Moments: Instagram is a platform based upon those special ‘moments’. Focus on this specific sentiment, post genuine client moments on your account to help the viewer understand the positive vibe that surrounds the restaurant.
  • Approach influential personals: people who are already famous on Instagram are a huge source for publicity, invite them to your Pizza house or send them your most delicious flavors and ask for a customer review. Having influential people post on your behalf, (by sponsoring them), definitely gets the work done.
  • Hashtags: hashtags are what brings life to your posts now, by making it easily discoverable to people who have never heard about your place.
  • Buy advertisements: the whole of 200 million Instagram population is not your target audience, you do not want to waste financing buying ads for Instagram users around the globe who cannot even reach your place. You need to discover your audience and buy ads for those who fall into your radar, who can genuinely visit or order from your restaurant.

Can Video Calling on Facebook Increase Its Business Worldwide

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networking websites. Keeping up with friends and family has been made as easy as ever and quick too. Sharing updates and photos, engaging with friends and pages, staying connected with various communities, and being updated about the latest news updates from around the world, Facebook has it all.

Video Calling on Facebook

Facebook is the most-used social media website due to versatile and appealing features it holds. Video calling one such feature that has grasped quite some attention. Facebook has revolutionized the whole world of video conferring by adding features that are not just useful and productive but also make it fun to use. As amazing as it may sound, the video chat feature on Facebook allows you to chat live with up to 50 people at once, replacing the old standbys like Skype. It is not just quick and easy but also fun to use.

The Standout features of Video Calling on Facebook

As promised, Facebook has added to its achievements another trophy by serving its audience with a totally unique feature of video calling. As many as 50 people can now live chat with each other. Talking with friends and family or holding group business meetings was never this easy. An element that makes the video chat even more interesting is the use of filters and masks that can make the whole video chat very fun. Not to forget that video calling has been not just been made easy but also quick like never before. There are no extra steps involved and calls can be made at just a click. It can be used anywhere and at any time.

Useful purposes served by video calling on Facebook

Video calling on Facebook is used for personal as well as business purposes. Keeping in touch with family and friends has been made a worthwhile experience. Added to this is the fact that even businesses are making the most out of this feature. Due to a large number of people who can be added to the video conference, it can now be used by businesses to hold webinars and employee meetings. Facebook video calling is also a great option for personal shopping as well. Furthermore, Live demos and tutorials can be started that help promote products and services.

Can video calling on Facebook increase its worldwide business?

It is not surprising that Facebook has bought faces to its messaging service. This move definitely covers the gaping hole in the Messenger. Video conferencing has become a fundamental feature in online communication and hence will definitely add to the worldwide business of Facebook. With this particular service, Facebook can hope to turn into a bona fide platform.

According to a survey, more than 600 million people use Facebook’s Messenger every month. It is quite impressive to note that the video calling feature of the social network has rolled out the popularity of Facebook worldwide. People have definitely loved the thought of pipping even more of their online communication through a single company, a company that already owns their texts, calls, shares, and logins. Video calling will thus have a positive impact on the business of Facebook all over the world.

How posting 3D photos can increase social media followers

Forget about 3D movie glasses at the theatre as Facebook has introduced 3D photos to your screens. The world’s most widely used social media network with 1.47 billion daily users never fails to bring about new and fascinating innovations for its audience. Facebook users can interact with as well as explore visual posts of 3D photos directly on their newsfeeds. These images offer depth and movement when the smartphone is tilted or viewed inside a handset. 3D photos are without a doubt an exciting and fresh way of engaging the users, increase social media followers, and create an environment that will enable various advertisers to thrive.

What exactly are 3D photos?

3D photos are nothing like the traditional photos we are accustomed to for many years. These photos are unique in the sense that they allow the users to tilt their phone screens to see an alternate angle which gives an amazing alternate perspective to the image. The generation of 3D photos is through a complex system of image layering and data-mapping. Facebook also makes use of dual camera set-up of the latest smartphones to create the 3D effect without the user making any extra effort.

Recent upgrades in 3D photos by Facebook

With passing time, Facebook is many various improvements in the introduced feature. They have recently announced three new 3D photo options on the Oculus blog. Initially, 3D photos could only be directly posted on newsfeed but now users can post these images to their stories as well. The process of posting through stories is the same as uploading normal photos. When shared, those viewing stories will be able to see the 3D effect within the full-screen stories presentation. Facebook is also working being able to share 3D photos directly from desktop PC and not just through smartphones. In addition to this, Facebook is also creating 3D image support for Android.

3D photos can help increase social media followers

The results of 3D photos when posted are worth the efforts. They help to facilitate a whole new type of visual communication thus giving a totally new dimension to technology and are a step towards the next generation of sharing through social networks. 3D photos have outstanding textures and lighting as well as are extremely realistic thus giving brands an opportunity to get noticed which ultimately leads to increased social media followers. It has been proven through a survey that interactive content has a higher ability to grasp the attention of viewers than any piece of static content.

Seeing products through 3D photos is just like seeing them in real customer thus attracting more people. These unique photos also provide an opportunity for brands to provide their audience with tools that help create user-generated content. Hence it can be seen that 3D photos on Facebook are providing a creative new and unique way to get brands and influencers stand out and also encourage more user engagement. The longer the users are engaged, the more likely it is that intended messaged is delivered effectively. Thus 3D photos are indeed helping in increasing social media followers.

6 Helpful Facebook Messenger Tools

For those who want to enhance their use of Facebook Messenger while incorporating it into their digital marketing plan, the app has been updated with some helpful tools. These tools will help you in many ways like getting more contacts, use automation or enhance conversions in order to scale the growth. Facebook Messenger tools, when used the right way, will definitely give you many benefits. There are six tools that the Facebook Messenger possess, and which are great for the marketing strategies.

  • Comment Guard Chatbot: Facebook Messenger Tool No.1

The first tool Facebook Messenger has is called the ‘comment guard chatbot’. This tool automatically replies or responds to those who make comments on your Facebook post. Some of you might believe that the automated responses are not something good, but if used the right and appropriate way, they can work effectively and in your favor. A method to amplify the authority of this tool is to post such a content on Facebook that mainly asks for the comments. In this way, the comment guard becomes one of the few methods that makes us post such an engaging content and also make up our list with huge number of prospects.

  • Clicking the Messenger Ads: Facebook Messenger Tool No.2

A click to messenger ad normally looks like any normal Facebook ad. But rather than clicking on the ad itself and being headed towards the landing page, if you click on the Messenger ads and start a Messenger conversation, your prospects will increase. It has been researched and proved that click to Messenger Ads work way better than the ordinary Facebook marketing techniques. In fact, it works five times better than that. However, it is to be noted that in order to enhance the use of this tool, you will be needing a chatbot for managing the responses and questions you may be receiving ideally.

  • Sending updates and allowing purchases from the eCommerce store: Tool No.3

In case you are handling an eCommerce store, then this tool is of much benefit to you. Through integration of the Facebook Messenger with the online store you run, the clients can perform the following actions directly in Messenger.

  1. Seeing the images of the product
  2. Buying the products
  3. Getting confirmation regarding the order
  4. Receiving the notifications
  5. Inquiries about delivery and orders
  6. Reviewing the experience as a customer
  • Chat Blasting: Tool No.4

After being able to collect the leads on Facebook Messenger, it is required that you enhance your marketing heat in a proper way. This can be done through blasting your contacts in the app. It is a technique that directs targeted posts instantly to a large number of people.

  • Using the WordPress site: Tool No.5

In order to handle the customer inquiries, chatbot is the most cost-effective technique. And, it’s easy to incorporate it to your WordPress site.

  • Chatbot Templates: Tool No.6

Creating chatbot requires effort and time both. But, most chatbot providers already have ready-made ones that you can plug in.

What is the major impact of social media marketing on banks?

Social media has over the years made its way into the society that we live in. Gradually social media platforms have found their way into different aspects of our routine life by replacing the traditional media and gaining popularity among the general public. Social media is no longer a simple platform used to only communicate but it also offers an avenue for major industries such as the banking sector.

Banks are aware of the ultimate power of social media marketing as it gives the customers a voice and enables the banks to connect and reach out to all the customers through modern channels rather than the old traditional ones. Banking activities that are currently using social media marketing include marketing products and services, engaging with the customers, and providing support.

Impact of social media marketing on banks

With each passing day, social media marketing is expanding its horizons and penetrating everywhere including the banking sector. It has to a great extent revolutionized the traditional outlook and working of banks thus taking them towards the road of great improvement and success. Some of the impacts that are worth knowing have been highlighted below.

  1. Accelerated awareness

Due to the power of social media marketing, banks have been able to generate rapid awareness among their potential customers. By announcing new services and products, the relationship between banks and their customers have improved to a great extent. Customers are attracted thus growing the affinity of customers with respect to their banks.

  1. More personalization

A partnership between banks and big social media websites with regards to marketing gave opened up new possibilities with regards to customer experience as the data is now shared between the two parties. As compared to before, banks now have a greater insight into their customer’s persona, spending patterns, preferences as well as important life events. This is ultimately helping a lot in the development of products and services that are more likely to the changing needs of customers.

  1. Greater coverage and customer base

Social media has enabled the banks to approach a wide range of general audience through social media marketing and advertising. This is because social media marketing allows banks to offer improved and advanced financial services to the customers without the interruption of any sorts of geographical constraints.

  1. Enhanced customer support service

Social media is a means of customer support for many banks. A deeper insight into social media marketing certainly empowers the banks to offer much better and enhanced support services. This without a doubt help in developing stronger relationships between the banks and their customers.

  1. Improved brand perception

Banks have benefited a lot due to social media marketing as it helps them get going ahead with improved brand perception. Strong social relationships with customers have greatly been a result of the level of marketing and have led to loyalty, referral as well as advocacy. These factors serve to strengthen the image of banks in society.

What Is TikTok And Why It Is Getting Famous?

What is TikTok?

At the end of the year 2016, a new app was launched by ByteDance called TikTok. This app got greatly famous all over the world for creating and sharing videos. Over a year after its launch, the company declared its plan of merging with musical.ly. Musical.ly is somewhat a similar application that got its fame for spawning the lip-sync videos. It is becoming apparent that this merging of the two apps, musical.ly and TikTok, was worth it. It can be seen considering the fact how they beat their competitors and rivals with respect to the number of downloads the previous month.

Rise in the number of installs:

According to the reports of the TechCrunch, TikTok has reached to the top of the US App Store in the entire process. The app outdid the likes of all other social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook in regards to the monthly downloads. TikTok permit its users to share short and brief videos that are accompanied by the music clips. For its main feature, it has become extremely popular and famous among the young generation. Thus, the app went through a meteoric growth in the previous months alone.

One of the most downloaded apps:

The TechCrunch says that the app called TikTok experienced a 31% growth compared to its previous month in September. Hence, it reached 3.81 million number of installs. This huge number has beaten the number of Facebook installations, i.e. 3.53 million. Back in the year 2017 in the month of October, the app showed off 1.13 million number of installs in the US. And, since that time, it has risen to an enormous 237% making TikTok one of the most installed applications in the world.

Reasons behind the enormous growth:

Some reasons have been noted for such a massive growth in the number of downloads of TikTok. One such reason is the enhanced number of ad spending from the likes of Facebook, in-app platform Vungle, and Google’s ADMob. Also, it has been observed that the growth might be because the number of downloads from separate applications have been combined with the merging of the two applications. Whatever the case there is, Facebook is quite worried on the news and has recently declared its plan to design its new competitor called Lasso. People will have to wait till they see Lasso is a success or not, and whether the recent growth of TikTok is merely a fluke, and will it be able to outdo the biggest players of the social media in terms of the number of downloads.

Thus, it has been known that the younger generation got excited with the launch of the new app that allowed them to make and share brief videos that are accompanied with the short music clips. This gave them a new way of interacting with the world and pass their time. And, this app was somewhat different than the other usual apps everyone use on the daily basis.

The Decrease in Newspaper Readers: A Bitter Reality

It is not a big surprise that newspapers and newspaper readers have been drastically falling in the last few decades. The future of the newspaper has become very uncertain due to the gradual evolution the world is going through. This is a serious cause of concern and if prompt actions are not taken than that day is not far when newspapers will vanish from this planet and there will be no newspaper reader left.

There are many factors that are contributing to this downfall and thus require attention from respective authorities. Newspapers are more quality centric and reliable with regards to the current and trending news but still, it is not being able to hold on to their readers. There many things that can be blamed for this situation but the most important ones are listed below.

The birth of the internet

Since the inception of the internet, there has been a steady decline in the number of newspaper readers. online articles that are accessible through the internet are the cheapest and quickest way to get hold of the trending news. This has caused a decrease in people who are actually interested in reading the paper printed news. With the birth of internet, all information and news is just a click away and eco-friendly.

Busy life routines

With the world going through constant evolution, the lives of ordinary man have become even more hectic than ever before. Due to the busy work routine, people do not find enough time to even skim through the newspaper in the morning. The online takeover also contributes to this as with all the busy routine, gathering news online from social media is much quicker and convenient. All information is easily available at a single junction that has made grabbing the breaking news easier and time efficient.

Lack of breaking news

A prominent reason behind the decrease in newspaper readers is the fact that newspapers now lack breaking news. The newspaper readers are updated about the latest news the next day only. As opposed to this, online readers can grab the news update at the very moment. It has to be admitted sadly that the long-established newspapers no longer have the efficiency to match with the high speed of internet technology. Moreover, online news is not just quick to get but also easily accessible and eco-friendly.

Trending use of social media websites

Social media websites have without a doubt have become one of the quickest ways to communicate that too on a large scale. Due to the invention and increasing use of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the latest news and information is posted on these even before the mainstream media starts its coverage. What is more interesting is the fact that it brings together live coverage as well as public opinion thus causing the interest of even the most loyal newspaper readers away from the newspapers.

The bottom line

With passing time, newspaper readers are decreasing around the world. Once newspapers used to be the trendiest item in the market but now even the most loyal readers are deviating away from the hold of newspapers.

Social Media Fun Games: Indoor games Vs. Outdoor Games

Games are the best thing to make you mentally and physically relax. They are very entertaining and beneficial whether they are indoor or outdoor games.

Indoor games:

Indoor games don’t need any special place to be played. Indoor games are great help on rainy days and hot summer weather and were specially invented to pass time at home. The most played indoor game and familiar among the common people is Ludo and cards. One never gets bored when playing cards since there are many games associated with it for example spider solitaire etc. Custom Playing cards can improve mathematical ability and memory boosting skills. Chess is the mind game recognized by everyone as it allows the mind to exercise itself and involve in planning and predicting. Scrabble is one of the great board game to expand the word skills.

Monopoly is another board game based on luck and property. It includes 8 players. It teaches how to make deal when exchanging the properties, teaches us the value of money, improve mathematical skills and guide us how to do strategic planning. Even paper games were quite amusing such as name place, bingo, tick and cross etc.

Simon Says is one of those games kids enjoy playing. In this game they learn being obedient and punctual. Other than all the indoor games, hide and seek is still the most played and enjoyed indoor game. All of these game have made our childhood amazing and many of these can still be played when you’re an adult.

Outdoor games:

Outdoor games holds the great value and importance when it comes to physical fitness. Outdoor games makes us inhale fresh air and make our blood circulation active. They are all about teaming and following rules. Some of most played outdoor games include cricket, football, badminton, basketball, baseball etc. and they all are considered as sports and even have official competitions.

Cricket is the first outdoor game to be played in some countries. It involves two teams and each team consist of 11 members. Football is the most exciting and challenging game between two teams. It is all about scoring more goals than other team. Badminton can also be considered as casual outdoor game that can be played in a beach, picnic point and even at homes. It consist of a shuttlecock and racquet. Racing is also one of the outdoor games and it has different types such as sprints, long distance race, hurdles, etc. outdoor game gained great importance in public and government. Even there are now training centers for all these sports and even sports ministries.

Musical chair and freeze dance are the party outdoor games that are really joyful and entertaining. All these outdoor games along with physical fitness provides mental fitness too. As these games get you to strategize, think faster, and come up with solutions. This is the reason these outdoor games known as sports are made the compulsory part of schools and colleges. Outdoors games even help in boosting creativity and positive attitude.