The Decrease in Newspaper Readers: A Bitter Reality

It is not a big surprise that newspapers and newspaper readers have been drastically falling in the last few decades. The future of the newspaper has become very uncertain due to the gradual evolution the world is going through. This is a serious cause of concern and if prompt actions are not taken than that day is not far when newspapers will vanish from this planet and there will be no newspaper reader left.

There are many factors that are contributing to this downfall and thus require attention from respective authorities. Newspapers are more quality centric and reliable with regards to the current and trending news but still, it is not being able to hold on to their readers. There many things that can be blamed for this situation but the most important ones are listed below.

The birth of the internet

Since the inception of the internet, there has been a steady decline in the number of newspaper readers. online articles that are accessible through the internet are the cheapest and quickest way to get hold of the trending news. This has caused a decrease in people who are actually interested in reading the paper printed news. With the birth of internet, all information and news is just a click away and eco-friendly.

Busy life routines

With the world going through constant evolution, the lives of ordinary man have become even more hectic than ever before. Due to the busy work routine, people do not find enough time to even skim through the newspaper in the morning. The online takeover also contributes to this as with all the busy routine, gathering news online from social media is much quicker and convenient. All information is easily available at a single junction that has made grabbing the breaking news easier and time efficient.

Lack of breaking news

A prominent reason behind the decrease in newspaper readers is the fact that newspapers now lack breaking news. The newspaper readers are updated about the latest news the next day only. As opposed to this, online readers can grab the news update at the very moment. It has to be admitted sadly that the long-established newspapers no longer have the efficiency to match with the high speed of internet technology. Moreover, online news is not just quick to get but also easily accessible and eco-friendly.

Trending use of social media websites

Social media websites have without a doubt have become one of the quickest ways to communicate that too on a large scale. Due to the invention and increasing use of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the latest news and information is posted on these even before the mainstream media starts its coverage. What is more interesting is the fact that it brings together live coverage as well as public opinion thus causing the interest of even the most loyal newspaper readers away from the newspapers.

The bottom line

With passing time, newspaper readers are decreasing around the world. Once newspapers used to be the trendiest item in the market but now even the most loyal readers are deviating away from the hold of newspapers.