The Future Of Facebook Is Messaging, Says Mark Zuckerberg

The famous announcement by Mark Zuckerberg:

According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, messaging is the new future of Facebook. He recently declared that the company has an aim to come up with a social networking platform as well as privacy-focused messaging so that people can interact securely and more privately. This new announcement implies that the messaging has taken the center stage here. This importantly doubles down other latest declarations of Facebook. This giant social network called Facebook is looking to assimilate WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This is another step where messaging becomes the core of Facebook’s future. Below is a rapid analysis of what Mark Zuckerberg declared, and why the main emphasis is on the messaging part.


The new future of Facebook is Messaging:

Mark Zuckerberg enlightens, “private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication.” Thus, messaging that is one-to-one becomes a priority. Messenger is liked by the people. They prefer messaging apps more than the public posts. Messaging is what people are jumping onto each day. Compared to the other options of communication, private messaging is more intimate. It permits one-on-one conversation, and a personalized communication trend. And, when it comes to being more private, fears are also alleviated which has been a challenge for the Facebook. Thus, the Facebook app will move towards encryption-protected and more private messaging options which the people will go for. The leadership of Facebook is undoubtedly preferring better experience of messaging which the marketers can follow.

Great benefit to the businesses of all kinds:

There was a news back in January about how Facebook’s soon going to integrate the three most common and used messaging apps into a one communication platform. This integration will be a boon for all the brands and businesses since they will be able to reach out to their clients and customers through a single chat service. Means, you no longer will have the need to create your presence on all the social platforms and maintain them, through a single platform your message will be conveyed to the whole audience.

The Future Of Facebook Is Messaging, Says Mark Zuckerberg


Transition in the social networking experience:

Thus, this declaration of Mark Zuckerberg serves as a great hint for what the social networking will look like in the coming days. This official news has made everyone excited particularly the business owners. Our lives have become all about switching from one application to another. So, this news will make our lives much easier once it becomes a reality. People will no longer have to switch between different messaging apps to contact each other privately. Rather, with one platform they will be able to communicate in a more private and secure manner. This is actually what people want too. They are expecting something really good and beneficial that could give them a whole new experience of messaging and communicating. People are looking forward to change their lives with this new transition in the social network.

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