Social Media Fun Games: Indoor games Vs. Outdoor Games

Games are the best thing to make you mentally and physically relax. They are very entertaining and beneficial whether they are indoor or outdoor games.

Indoor games:

Indoor games don’t need any special place to be played. Indoor games are great help on rainy days and hot summer weather and were specially invented to pass time at home. The most played indoor game and familiar among the common people is Ludo and cards. One never gets bored when playing cards since there are many games associated with it for example spider solitaire etc. Custom Playing cards can improve mathematical ability and memory boosting skills. Chess is the mind game recognized by everyone as it allows the mind to exercise itself and involve in planning and predicting. Scrabble is one of the great board game to expand the word skills.

Monopoly is another board game based on luck and property. It includes 8 players. It teaches how to make deal when exchanging the properties, teaches us the value of money, improve mathematical skills and guide us how to do strategic planning. Even paper games were quite amusing such as name place, bingo, tick and cross etc.

Simon Says is one of those games kids enjoy playing. In this game they learn being obedient and punctual. Other than all the indoor games, hide and seek is still the most played and enjoyed indoor game. All of these game have made our childhood amazing and many of these can still be played when you’re an adult.

Outdoor games:

Outdoor games holds the great value and importance when it comes to physical fitness. Outdoor games makes us inhale fresh air and make our blood circulation active. They are all about teaming and following rules. Some of most played outdoor games include cricket, football, badminton, basketball, baseball etc. and they all are considered as sports and even have official competitions.

Cricket is the first outdoor game to be played in some countries. It involves two teams and each team consist of 11 members. Football is the most exciting and challenging game between two teams. It is all about scoring more goals than other team. Badminton can also be considered as casual outdoor game that can be played in a beach, picnic point and even at homes. It consist of a shuttlecock and racquet. Racing is also one of the outdoor games and it has different types such as sprints, long distance race, hurdles, etc. outdoor game gained great importance in public and government. Even there are now training centers for all these sports and even sports ministries.

Musical chair and freeze dance are the party outdoor games that are really joyful and entertaining. All these outdoor games along with physical fitness provides mental fitness too. As these games get you to strategize, think faster, and come up with solutions. This is the reason these outdoor games known as sports are made the compulsory part of schools and colleges. Outdoors games even help in boosting creativity and positive attitude.