DAME samples

Here are some DAME samples.

Below you can try out the new DAME Samples online. They demonstrate loading xml and map files and images dynamically, displaying isometric maps and displaying stacked tilemaps and animated tilemaps. Use the arrow keys for navigation and press Escape to return to the main menu.

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The xml sample uses the new xml exporter, which exports most of the important data that the complex eporters handle but in xml format, making it easy to be used in any game format. It also demonstrates loading of xml and art assets dynamically. Only the player character is embedded in the flash swf file.

The stacked tilemaps sample is a rudimentary example of how 2d tilemaps with 'height' can be displayed. It also uses a custom project exporter which is local to the project directory. You can find the tileset used for this sample here: Planet Cute tileset

The isometric sample demonstrates how to export and render isometric tilemaps, as well as how to move relative to the alignment of the tilemap

The animated tiles sample demonstrates how to export and render animated tilemaps, with 2 animations and non-animated tiles as well.

And here is a playable flash 'game' running in flashPunk made using DAME featuring none other than one of the DAMbots...

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