Can your Pizza delivery business sprout through Instagram?

This is the era of social media, from socializing to earnings from blogs and online businesses, it caters to all. However, when we talk about Instagram, it is more of a social platform which allows it’s users to post visual content such as images and videos, thus Instagram is considered to be more of a place of glamour, enticing and capturing followers with visual content. Although it does support online businesses the concept of a food business on Instagram may seem somewhat odd.

Pizza delivery business

You may not feel secure to set up an online food business on Instagram but if you already have a business, such as that of a Pizza place, making a page on Instagram for it will surely help you get the fame.

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Pizza delivery is a kind of business that requires more of a one-to-one personal contact rather than through a social media application. If you plan on taking orders online, you may as well prefer having an online website or an application that directs you through the Food ordering processes including the deals and discounts. One the order has been placed followed by a confirmation call, the meal after being cooked, it is delivered by your trustee rider service.

What you can do

A Pizza business completely based off of Instagram might be too much of a risk for your business, considering the amount of investment a pizza house requires. However, what you can do is make an active Instagram page of your Pizza place. This will definitely help in increasing potential customers. The best ways to do this are enlisted below:

  • Content: Your page needs to cover up all aspects of the questions that abrupt in a client’s mind when they first click on your profile. What is this place? What is their menu? Price ranges? Locations? Reviews? How to place an order? Create an effective bio with a link to your online ordering service and contact, make your account public and the pictures of your unique pizza place including the food in the most eye-catching ‘Instagram worthy’ style.
  • Moments: Instagram is a platform based upon those special ‘moments’. Focus on this specific sentiment, post genuine client moments on your account to help the viewer understand the positive vibe that surrounds the restaurant.
  • Approach influential personals: people who are already famous on Instagram are a huge source for publicity, invite them to your Pizza house or send them your most delicious flavors and ask for a customer review. Having influential people post on your behalf, (by sponsoring them), definitely gets the work done.
  • Hashtags: hashtags are what brings life to your posts now, by making it easily discoverable to people who have never heard about your place.
  • Buy advertisements: the whole of 200 million Instagram population is not your target audience, you do not want to waste financing buying ads for Instagram users around the globe who cannot even reach your place. You need to discover your audience and buy ads for those who fall into your radar, who can genuinely visit or order from your restaurant.