Can Video Calling on Facebook Increase Its Business Worldwide

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networking websites. Keeping up with friends and family has been made as easy as ever and quick too. Sharing updates and photos, engaging with friends and pages, staying connected with various communities, and being updated about the latest news updates from around the world, Facebook has it all.

Video Calling on Facebook

Facebook is the most-used social media website due to versatile and appealing features it holds. Video calling one such feature that has grasped quite some attention. Facebook has revolutionized the whole world of video conferring by adding features that are not just useful and productive but also make it fun to use. As amazing as it may sound, the video chat feature on Facebook allows you to chat live with up to 50 people at once, replacing the old standbys like Skype. It is not just quick and easy but also fun to use.

The Standout features of Video Calling on Facebook

As promised, Facebook has added to its achievements another trophy by serving its audience with a totally unique feature of video calling. As many as 50 people can now live chat with each other. Talking with friends and family or holding group business meetings was never this easy. An element that makes the video chat even more interesting is the use of filters and masks that can make the whole video chat very fun. Not to forget that video calling has been not just been made easy but also quick like never before. There are no extra steps involved and calls can be made at just a click. It can be used anywhere and at any time.

Useful purposes served by video calling on Facebook

Video calling on Facebook is used for personal as well as business purposes. Keeping in touch with family and friends has been made a worthwhile experience. Added to this is the fact that even businesses are making the most out of this feature. Due to a large number of people who can be added to the video conference, it can now be used by businesses to hold webinars and employee meetings. Facebook video calling is also a great option for personal shopping as well. Furthermore, Live demos and tutorials can be started that help promote products and services.

Can video calling on Facebook increase its worldwide business?

It is not surprising that Facebook has bought faces to its messaging service. This move definitely covers the gaping hole in the Messenger. Video conferencing has become a fundamental feature in online communication and hence will definitely add to the worldwide business of Facebook. With this particular service, Facebook can hope to turn into a bona fide platform.

According to a survey, more than 600 million people use Facebook’s Messenger every month. It is quite impressive to note that the video calling feature of the social network has rolled out the popularity of Facebook worldwide. People have definitely loved the thought of pipping even more of their online communication through a single company, a company that already owns their texts, calls, shares, and logins. Video calling will thus have a positive impact on the business of Facebook all over the world.