6 Helpful Facebook Messenger Tools

For those who want to enhance their use of Facebook Messenger while incorporating it into their digital marketing plan, the app has been updated with some helpful tools. These tools will help you in many ways like getting more contacts, use automation or enhance conversions in order to scale the growth. Facebook Messenger tools, when used the right way, will definitely give you many benefits. There are six tools that the Facebook Messenger possess, and which are great for the marketing strategies.

  • Comment Guard Chatbot: Facebook Messenger Tool No.1

The first tool Facebook Messenger has is called the ‘comment guard chatbot’. This tool automatically replies or responds to those who make comments on your Facebook post. Some of you might believe that the automated responses are not something good, but if used the right and appropriate way, they can work effectively and in your favor. A method to amplify the authority of this tool is to post such a content on Facebook that mainly asks for the comments. In this way, the comment guard becomes one of the few methods that makes us post such an engaging content and also make up our list with huge number of prospects.

  • Clicking the Messenger Ads: Facebook Messenger Tool No.2

A click to messenger ad normally looks like any normal Facebook ad. But rather than clicking on the ad itself and being headed towards the landing page, if you click on the Messenger ads and start a Messenger conversation, your prospects will increase. It has been researched and proved that click to Messenger Ads work way better than the ordinary Facebook marketing techniques. In fact, it works five times better than that. However, it is to be noted that in order to enhance the use of this tool, you will be needing a chatbot for managing the responses and questions you may be receiving ideally.

  • Sending updates and allowing purchases from the eCommerce store: Tool No.3

In case you are handling an eCommerce store, then this tool is of much benefit to you. Through integration of the Facebook Messenger with the online store you run, the clients can perform the following actions directly in Messenger.

  1. Seeing the images of the product
  2. Buying the products
  3. Getting confirmation regarding the order
  4. Receiving the notifications
  5. Inquiries about delivery and orders
  6. Reviewing the experience as a customer
  • Chat Blasting: Tool No.4

After being able to collect the leads on Facebook Messenger, it is required that you enhance your marketing heat in a proper way. This can be done through blasting your contacts in the app. It is a technique that directs targeted posts instantly to a large number of people.

  • Using the WordPress site: Tool No.5

In order to handle the customer inquiries, chatbot is the most cost-effective technique. And, it’s easy to incorporate it to your WordPress site.

  • Chatbot Templates: Tool No.6

Creating chatbot requires effort and time both. But, most chatbot providers already have ready-made ones that you can plug in.