3 Main Factors that determine the YouTube Earnings Potential

YouTube Earnings

YouTube is undoubtedly the number one video streaming website all around the world. In the era of the digital world, people spend more time to watch YouTube video on their mobile phones rather than watching a TV show. YouTube partner’s program urges the people to broadcast yourself and earn money online. There are millions of YouTube channels with hundreds to millions of subscribers out there. However, Most of the people buy YouTube subscribers, views, likes and comments but there are some factors that affect YouTube earning potential. Here, we will discuss 3 main factors that determine its earning potential.

Cost per Mille vs Cost per Click: Cost per Mille is also known as CPM while Cost per Click is known as CPC. These acronyms are very important and used in YouTube advertising. The literal meaning of CPM is 1000 that refers to the cost per 1K impressions. In simple words, impressions mean YouTube views. So the CPM is the rate of an advertising video with 1000 views or more than 30 seconds long video. On the other hand, CPC is known as cost per click which is the old-fashioned way of charging for advertising.

Estimated Earnings Per 1k video Views: The other factor that involves in the YouTube earning potential is the estimated earnings per 1k views on the video. User can get the idea of what will be the estimated earning for hundreds or thousands of views. But it is not the actual earning, it can vary due to some factors such as how much your channel is popular and how much Google receives from advertisers. Moreover, it also depends on your country, language, and events like Easter & Christmas when video ads rates are high.

Estimated Earnings per Subscriber: Having a number of YouTube subscribers also play an important role to earn money from social media giant, YouTube. However, YouTube didn’t disclose its secret of advertising income but everyone knows that 45% of the advertising revenue of YouTube goes to Google. It means a YouTube creator receives only a 55% share. For instance, if you upload a new video, people watch your video and an advertiser pay $6.70 CPM, then you will $3.68 per 1k video views. But once people recognize your channel then you can get more subscribers. But getting a number of subscribers is not easy. Your video should be worth watching and engaging to increase more channel subscribers. Buying YouTube Subscribers is a great way to get more subscribers in no time. It is said that only 10% of subscribers are likely to view your video that means if you have only 1k subscribers then only 100 subscribers will be interested in view your new upload. Although, with buying YouTube subscriber, thousands of subscribers will look at your new vide in short order. Moreover, YouTube gives a higher CPM rate for ads for those channels which have more subscriber base.